New Single: "Road to Canandaigua"

Released on September 30th, a new single reflecting on road trips and renewal.

Special thank you to Adriel Ferguson for drums and Paul Mahern for mastering.

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple or wherever you like to listen to music.

I've Never Been to Denmark

Introducing I’ve Never Been to Denmark, my tribute to the Danish band Kashmir. I have been playing some of their songs for years. I heard them first in 2003 or 2004 and was instantly hooked. Great songs. Great arrangements. Original. I never understood why they weren’t bigger outside of Denmark. A while back I decided to spend the afternoon recording a handful of their songs with just vocals and acoustic guitar, highlighting the excellent songwriting. One minor guitar overdub, one subtle harmony part, and one vocal delay. Otherwise, stripped down to the basics of one guitar and one voice. So, here it is. I’ve Never Been to Denmark – my tribute to the songwriting of Kasper Eistrup, Mads Tunebjerg, Asger Techau and Henrik Lindstrand. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, or most other digital platforms.



Jukka is a singer-songwriter currently based in Massachusetts, with roots in Finland. His music is best described as a type of folk-rock deeply rooted in the American singer-songwriter aesthetic and indie rock of the 1990s, combining lyrical impressionism and a textured sound. A multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, his tools of choice are his voice and a guitar. 

Growing up in a musical family, his first forays into music began at an early age. When he was ten, he recorded a naive, but catchy original with some of Finland's best musicians of the day. It was called "Back in the Black with a Heartache Too". There are no surviving copies. He also tried to take a nap in J.J. Cale's guitar case, sometime in the mid-1970s...or at least, so he was told.



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